The Best 5 Slack Bots for Remote Managing

The Best 5 Slack Bots for Remote Managing

Remote working has its own benefits, and nowadays, most of the companies are allowing and preferring to work from home options as well as a suitable place. At present, managing remote teams are incredibly challenging because when team members are scattered in different locations, building a tight connection among team members can be hard. Slack a kind of the primary tool that allows us to send quick chat messages with each other either in public or private channels or direct messages. We love and use Slack always because we set firm boundaries with it as well as it can be easy to believe that being logged into Slack means that someone is at work, which isn’t how we view or use Slack.

In today’s post, we will share the best 5 Slack apps for remote teams that we have tried, and that can help empower your remote team and improve their ability to collaborate in an organized and effective way.


Here we describe the best 5 Slack bots for remote workers:

1. Donut

Donut slack app makes it easy to manage remote teams to know your team members while working remotely. It introduces people who don’t know each other well on organizations of all sizes via direct messages and encourages them to meet virtually for various programs: virtual coffee meetups, remote team lunches, daily donut meetings, and cross-department introductions. Donut selects two random coworkers to meet up with each other. It develops a team culture by taking advantage of its onboarding process. In a nutshell, Donut helps your team members get to know each other better. It can be quite challenging to do in a remote setting, but the Donut Slack app makes it a lot easier for remote teams.


2. Snack

Snack is a Slack bot that describes spontaneous, time-restricted video conversations with icebreakers, and it is a gift to remote teams. It is an easy-to-use platform that supports different communication methods that move conversations out of the inbox. Over 400 Slack organizations are using Snack. It Conducts meetings with time limits, which help reduce anxiety for people who want spontaneous conversation. It is an easy and powerful app because it builds team cohesion through regular interactions, makes highly distributed teams engaged and collaborative, supports lacking, and builds relationships with coworkers. Snack is a popular alternative to Donut.


3. HeyTaco

HeyTaco quickly became a favorite at Buffer that started out being used by only one team and adopted promptly across our company. It lets you recognize a teammate by giving them tacos when they accomplish something great and redeeming their tacos for custom rewards. It is terrific for our team to spread recognition and excitement and make sure that achievement doesn’t go unnoticed as well as when one person gives another a taco, it’ll become a “taco train” with others jumping on board to add to the celebration. All you have to do is @-mention their name in Slack and add in the: taco: emoji to send in a taco, and each person is allowed to give out five tacos per day.


4. Giphy

It is the perfect way for teammates to express how they’re feeling since we can’t jump up and down with happiness together all that often most extensive library of animated GIFs, making it easy to find and share them on Slack. Who doesn’t love a good GIF? At now, message the bot with the topic of the GIF you’d like to send, and it’ll handle the rest.


5. Disco

If you’re working remotely, it isn’t easy to see which team members are exemplifying your company values. In this case, the Disco bot solves this problem, and when you see a coworker or employee demonstrate the benefits, you can call out their actions with Disco. It helps your team recognize one another’s contributions and give praise and recognition for a team member’s accomplishments within Slack.


Final Thought:

If you’re missing the coffee meetups and hallway chats of office life, grab time with Snack because it matches two random people in a Slack channel for a short, timed video call. This matching depends on your activity on Slack with your time zone and your interests and also helps kick things off with a series of icebreakers to discuss. Moreover, Slack bots out there to help facilitate team bonding and help remote workers that we’re currently using and providing. Remote teams face a few different challenges. So Slack is a fantastic tool for communication, and it can help get rid of that communication block, remote teams often face a whole host of challenges people don’t expect.


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