Why would you use SmartVideo for a video CDN?

SmartVideo for a video CDN

A video CDN has servers that accelerate video delivery through a process called caching, which stores content temporarily on several servers through the CDN. When a viewer requests to view a video, the servers nearest the viewer’s location will deliver it. It allows the viewer to get the least amount of buffering, and the most amount of video playback and the size of a CDN can vary greatly depending on the many factors. Without a CDN, you cannot deliver high-quality Videos and benefits of its high for the viewers because they expect their Video to play anywhere and anytime with any device. When a viewer’s views content via a CDN, they get to enjoy faster streaming rates.

A video CDN must be able to support VOD and to stream for a viewer. It can broadcast simultaneously to social media, live shows, create and schedule playlists, offers multiple and adaptive bit rates, and much more. We specialize in video delivery with crucial features that make owning and operating your video platform secure and allows you to broadcast live, schedule, and create playlists, record live broadcasts automatically, and much more. Again, A Video CDN gives you the ability to deploy your video content in a professional manner.

This content gives you the ultimate information about ‘Smart Video’ which is one of the best Video CDN.


The infrastructure behind for a Video CDN

At a high level, it is made up of two key components that are points of presence and edge servers. There is a lot at work to allow traffic to be appropriately routed, attacks to be mitigated, and a continuous uptime to be maintained to make it.

Content delivery networks (CDN) or content distribution networks are hardly new systems and consist of multiple servers distributed in different countries. It is based on a principle of technological closeness to the end-user and matches geographical, but not always. The server can be close to users due to combined characteristics and available ports on the way to users and the maximal capacity of cables. Every delivery system processes time the request. It decides which server or servers are the closest due to the characteristics as mentioned above. Technology with streaming servers involves very high-bandwidth pipes between a central location and the end-user, and this is much more expensive than streaming servers. So live video streaming cannot work like video-on-demand because it doesn’t have finally generated file.


What are the benefits of using a CDN on a streaming platform?

Enhanced Performance:

Increased performance is one of the most prominent benefits of integrating a CDN in your streaming platform. Your Video or audio content is cached in all POPs placed as well as starting streaming content closer to the viewer. Shorter distance reduces latency and data loss.

If you are aiming to expand your audience base and stream globally, you need a CDN.

Increased Availability:

CDN ensures that your streaming content is accessible to all users. Even under high-stress scenarios, excessive user traffic, server outages, and so on, your origin server does get all the load. A CDN balances the loads and distributes network traffic across all scattered servers, and this makes your streaming content utterly available to all users without any interference.

High Security:

With the increase in the volume of digital data and high-value online transactions, digital threats are also rising. But If not taken care of, it can cost you big money.


What is Smart Video CDN:

SmartVideo ensures instant start and buffer-free playback designed to help you make more sales, reduce bounce rates, and keep visitors squarely focused on your brand and its target customers are small-medium sized business owners, content creators (e-learning, courses), freelancers, and agencies who want lightning-fast video playback on their website. SmartVideo makes creating a native video experience for your site effortless.


What you get with SmartVideo

Stall-free playback:

SmartVideo uses Swarmify’s patent-pending delivery solution, meaning no buffering in the middle of a video where other video platforms rely on outdated delivery technology resulting in roughly 1 in 4 viewers experiencing a stall-out.

YouTube conversions automatically:

YouTube is excellent for managing your video collection but not so great for your site’s video experience. SmartVideo takes advantage of the secure content management provided by YouTube with beautifully updated modern, native playback experience.

Optimization for continuous streaming:

In playback time, SmartVideo automatically and quickly switches between delivery networks, optimizing playback for each user.

Unlimited bandwidth:

You shouldn’t be punished for serving high-quality content on your site. That’s why SmartVideo billing isn’t based on bandwidth, only video views.

Maximum bitrate throughput:

Users don’t like low bitrates, and SmartVideo’s video acceleration technology allows users to receive the maximum bitrate.

Device-agnostic experience:

With SmartVideo, your content is ready to be viewed on any device in any country in any browser.

Ongoing support:

With the full backing of a team of developers (super smart ones, by the way), you’ll never have to worry about downtime. Quickly send a message, and we’ll work tirelessly to remedy any issue you’re experiencing.

Refund with a guarantee:

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your experience after 30 days, we’ll happily refund your first month.


The importance of SmartVideo

Now in the modern technology era, SmartVideo plays a significant role in the given subject

• It is used as YouTube as well as Vimeo alternative

• It is used as Video hosting for Learndash

• It is used with Video hosting for WordPress LMS(‘s)

• Even, most students use it as Video hosting for Online Courses

• Also it is used as Wistia Alternatives

• It is used as the purpose of Video CDN

• SmarVideo is used for Video hosting for marketing videos


Final Thought

Video content delivery networks become a prevalent distribution system nowadays. At first, video delivery was complicated when it was carried out only by general-purpose CDNs.

All that a CDN does is virtually shorten the physical distance between the user and the server to improve website rendering speed, eventually enhancing website performance. Video CDN makes it possible for users across the globe to view high-quality content without increased latency. It is close to the previous technology, but useful for users. Like general-purpose delivery systems, the on-demand Video uses a direct download of the video file, but it can start to show Video within 2-3 first seconds.


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